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Foraging & Fermenting

Foraging & Fermenting

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Join The Hungry Herbivores at Rushmere Farm for a Foraging and Fermenting experience: 10am - 2pm

Foraging walk around the farm (1.5 hours):
With guidance from Rosie and discussion around organic farming practices with George (the farmer)

Fermenting class (2 hours): Creative Kraut & wild yeast soda workshop

Feast: We will share a feast of vegan dishes from seasonal, foraged and fermented food by The Hungry herbivores, your workshop host 

We will be exploring what edible and medicinal gifts nature has to offer on our guided farmland walk (excluding fungi/mushrooms), before taking our findings to our fermentation stations where you will be introduced to the basics of fermentation; some science, methods and nutritional benefits! 
We will all dig our hands into making our first ferment: Saurkraut but with a twist. You will soon realise that, on this course, fermentation is open to creativity - think further than just the cabbage! 

We will also use some of our foraging finds to harness the wild yeasts we have collected, to brew our own naturally fermented sodas! 
Both fermentation and foraging are wonderful ways of making us feel in tune with nature and our food, and we will discuss how these practices help towards creating sustainability in our lifestyles.  

​The course runs from 10am until 2pm. ​We recommend staying at least one night, it can be a tiring day, and you will enjoy relaxing into farm/woodland life. We are also able to run tours of the farm, which is in the process of converting to organic methods, as well as the oat drink production facility.


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