Landa Acevedo-Scott

A little bit about me

Yoga has been at the heart of my personal renewal. It has been such a transformative, grounding force for over twenty years, that in 2019 I decided to delve deeper into the practice and joined the Vajrasati School of Yoga founded by Jim Tarran in 2000. The combination of philosophy, anatomy and practical
in-classroom teaching made it the perfect environment to learn, enquire and experiment. After two years of intensive training, I became fully qualified (Yoga Alliance 500 Plus hours). I’m now in my fifth year of teaching and loving every minute of it. 

Core to my teaching is helping others tap into the healing power of the brain, body, breath connection through the experience of yoga (integration). Yoga and meditation formed the basis of my own journey to recovery during a period of ill health and it is in the spirit of sharing some of what I’ve learned along
the way, that I now hope to encourage others to develop their own pathways to wellbeing. 

Forever curious about experimentation, I’m always looking to bring new ideas and experiences to life. One of those ideas came to fruition last November when I invested in a beautiful yurt which is now home to my weekly yoga classes. Spacious, bright and equipped with a wood burner, it is a wonderful space to practice Vajrasati yoga with my students. 

Vajrasati yoga draws on traditional yoga philosophy and Buddhist teachings and brings them to life through an embodied understanding that gives students the possibility to go beyond just a physical exercise, to a whole-being experience. We practice with trust in the process and trust in ourselves. In every class, I invite students to let go and tune in. We let go of anticipation, expectations, limitations … anything that may be holding us back in order to tune into the deeper, purer aspects of ourselves. We explore movement with playfulness and curiosity, we breathe with open honesty and we surrender to what is, in the here and now. It is a wonderfully liberating process where we give ourselves permission to just be.

The benefits of yoga go far and beyond increased flexibility and strength. In each session, we let the nervous system expand and uncurl with each expansive breath; we unblock energy channels (nadīs) by allowing prāna (life energy) to flow more freely through the body. We expose tension in order to release it; we bring space and lightness to areas of tightness. We awaken the senses. We challenge muscles by taking them out of their habitual patterns. We become more intuitive. We bring stillness and clarity to the mind. We slow down. We come home to ourselves. 

And this is my ultimate aim with every retreat – to give you an opportunity to come home to yourself and leave feeling nurtured, recharged and ready to embrace life more fully. 


“Landa’s yoga retreat was as it says … a real treat! She somehow managed to look after and cater for us all individually with her beautifully calm and welcoming manner whilst bringing us together as a group which offered support in ways I wasn’t expecting. There was no pressure, judgement or expectation, just a small group of individuals doing what was right for them in that moment (even if that
meant an afternoon nap). Yoga was obviously the main theme but an art activity, walk and meditation added such a lovely variety to the weekend. I left the retreat feeling relaxed, nourished and wanting to continue practicing yoga. I highly recommend - thank you Landa.” Rachel O

“I’m a middle-aged man, ex-rugby player who’s led a very active life largely governed by the No Pain No Gain principle. I’d dabbled in yoga on and off over the years, but always reverted to something more strenuous. Something about walking into Landa Acevedo-Scott’s yurt and taking her class has changed my mind entirely. Uniquely of all the yoga instructors I’ve experienced all over the world, Landa knows how to combine the core principles of yoga with something that feels testing, strengthening and centering for the whole body and mind. I’m now getting from Landa’s yoga classes what I used to get at the top of a hill or in a gym and much more besides. The sessions feel human, varied, demanding,
comforting and enriching all at once. It’s hard to describe but already they feel indispensable to my body and mind and all because of the atmosphere of welcome, peace and challenge that Landa creates.” Jonathan C

“I had always resisted yoga as I thought it would be too testing but my weekly session with Landa has changed that. The practice helps me clear my mind, strengthen my muscles and brings a sense of calm to my week. I love it.” BB

“Landa's yoga practice combines meditative reflection with carefully choreographed stretches and yoga poses. Sessions take place in her fabulous bespoke yurt adjacent to Hambledon vineyard. The experience leaves you feeling uplifted, nurtured, relaxed in mind and body, and at peace with the world. Calm,
concise, well-paced instruction ensures the practice is kind, restorative and body aware. A real privilege however old or young you are!” David J

“I’ve been enjoying Landa’s online yoga classes regularly now for several years. Last year I went on Landa’s first pop-up retreat. I wasn’t disappointed. I learnt so much from practicing in person with Landa and my fellow students while we soaked in the stunning countryside around us. Landa is a kind, warm hospitable host, and teacher. She has a lovely gentle way of encouraging people to open their mind and heart to themselves and listen to what’s right for their own body. I would highly recommend Landa’s yoga retreat to anyone who wants to have a unique nourishing experience.” Sian H

“Friday morning yoga class is the high point of my week! The garden yurt is stunning, the fire keeps us warm on cold winter mornings, and Landa bends the lesson perfectly to the needs of each person and she has all the matts/supports/blocks/straps/blankets you could possibly need. Landa is an absolute delight and I would strongly recommend her classes (although I kinda like them being my little secret also...).” Adam J

“Practising Yoga with Landa is a very special and rewarding experience, from the moment you enter the tranquil and welcoming yurt to the closing Savasana with warm eye masks and blankets. Landa is an attentive, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and I feel privileged to attend her classes. She has a
calm, soothing voice that explains each move and its benefits and is able to adapt any pose to suit each person. I always leave the class calm and re-energised and with a renewed respect for my body.” Leigh H

“Landa is very intuitive, kind and easy to be with. She is very knowledgeable about yoga and how to meet your individual needs and I have found our one to one sessions very helpful. Landa has a calm, happy, energy and the bonus is she has a special yoga space in her beautiful yurt with its wood burner!” Melissa T

“Landa's classes are very special from providing the yoga equipment, quietly changing your stance to providing a wonderful hot eye mask and squeezing your toes, which is very special when relaxing at the end. Landa also takes the time to do a reading. All very caring. Even more so now in a yurt. Lovely time out. Thank you Landa.” Belinda J

Landa's yoga sessions are structured, varied and wholly immersive - I'm immediately taken out of my week which is all you can ask for. Her style is kind, encouraging and never pushy yet you leave feeling challenged and nourished, both physically and spiritually. So far so great - thanks Landa! David D