Cottages Manual

Welcome to Rushmere Farm, an organic farm with an emphasis on conservation and sustainability. Please have a look on our website and ask us about or farming system and produce, if you are interested!

Motley, Spot and Curly were the names of our three favourite pigs, who used to live here before there was underfloor heating and sofas. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday in the newly converted former Pig Shed, and in the beautiful South Downs.

If you enjoyed your stay, we would be extremely grateful if you could leave us a review on Reevoo, on Airbnb, on our website or on Google maps. It would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you!


If you are going out:

Shut the roof windows!

Shut the wood burner door!

Please park on the Tarmac area behind the camping kitchen which is approached from the lane, and has Rushmere Farm Workshops' written in big writing on the wall.

Please do not park in front of the cottages although you may drive into the main yard to deliver your cases. 

The Wi-Fi code is ‘threelittlepigs'.
The internet hub is located in the small cupboard above the wardrobe.

Due to the rural location, internet speeds are not always brilliant and the connection does occasionally fail. So, please be patient, and if working online, save your work regularly. 

Fire safety
Do not attempt to tackle anything other than a very small fire. Evacuating the premises is the safest thing to do.

In the event of a fire, please leave immediately via the front door or any other exterior door and call 999 from outside of the house, and call the caretaker.
We would advise leaving the keys in the door so that the door can be quickly unlocked if a swift exit is needed.

The following fire extinguishers are provided (with signs providing clear usage instructions):
− Fire blanket located on the side of the cupboard above the kettle and toaster. To be used for covering burning material on the hob or other kitchen surface. Covering the burning material will remove the oxygen to put the fire out
− Powder fire extinguisher located in the corner by the sofa. To be used for any type of fire (wood, paper and textiles / flammable liquids / gaseous fires / live electrical equipment)
− Camping kitchen: powder fire extinguisher located on the ground near the green storage cupboard. To be used for any type of fire (wood, paper and textiles / flammable liquids / gaseous fires / live electrical equipment).

You will also note that we have a mains-wired (with battery back-up) smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms throughout each property, and we regularly test them, and log these dates to ensure they are working correctly.

Useful things to know about the cottage

Front door: The top and bottom doors can be separated by turning the nob on the inside of the bottom door anticlockwise until the latch comes all the way down and the doors can swing apart. 

Roof windows can be opened and closed with a pole. There are two settings: one fully close and the other which will allow a small draft to enter without the rain coming in too. Please leave the windows in either of these settings (not open) if leaving the property. 

Electrics box is located in the wardrobe.

Water: Stopcock for the water supply is located under the kitchen sink.

Heating: Heating is preset to provide a comfortable average heat during the day and maintain a lower level at night.

If you want the heating off press the on/off button and you will see the symbol of a snowflake within a shield. This will allow the temperature to drop to ambient (but not so low that the pipes freeze). To return to preset heating press the on/off button again.

To increase the heat from the preset temperatures press the up arrow until you reach your required temperature and then press okay. You will see the symbol of a flame indicating that more heat is being called for. 

The underfloor heating and hot water is via an air source heat pump powered by solar panels.

Toilet: Please do not put sanitary towels, nappies cotton buds down the toilets or drains, as all sewage is processed on site and the consequences will be unpleasant for you and future guests.

Cooking: Hob: You should not need to press hard! Wipe any moisture from the surface of the hob. 1. Press the on/off button 2. Press + on your chosen hob and - to reduce heat 3. Press the on/off button.

Rubbish: Recycling and general waste bins are provided. The recycling bin can take paper, card, recyclable plastics and tins. There is a glass bin in the camp kitchen. Dog poo in bags can be put in the bag in the dog poo bin on site. Alternatively use the shovel provided to scoop the poo into the grass heap near the wooden gateway. 

Laundry: A washing machine and dryer is provided in the Boiler Room. Please let us know if you would like to use it. If you are staying for two or more weeks, we can change your linen if requested.

If you have brought your pet, please do not allow them to jump on the sofas/beds. We have left a couple of throws for you if this is difficult to administer! Please ensure you poop-a-scoop after your pet.
Please ensure that dogs are not left unattended at the property at any time, as this could cause distress to your pet, and damage to the property could be caused.

Livestock: The Cottages are adjacent to paddocks for Rushmere Farm Livery Stables - please do not enter the paddocks in person or particularly allow children or dogs to do so. Fences are electrified. This is not only a hazard for yourselves but also the horses. Please do not feed the horses.

Cattle and sheep graze rotationally around the farm. Farmers get up early, so please be aware that they may not be where they were before. Keep your pets close and be careful of the electric fence.

No-smoking policy
We operate a no-smoking policy in and around this property. Please respect this as we sometimes have guests who have allergies and in dry weather there is considerable hazard to dry fields etc. Do feel free to smoke near the camping kitchen area where there is a metal bucket for butts.

Housekeeping requests
Cleaning - Please could you leave the property clean, neat and tidy on departure.

Breakages -Please report any breakages or damage to the caretaker so that we can replace or repair items as soon as we can to ensure your stay and the next guests stay is as pleasant as possible.

Please be sure that skylights are left closed when you are away from the building. Rain penetration damage will be chargeable.

Departure – Please note that departure is at 11am. It is very important that this is adhered too as we have guests arriving later and we need to ensure we are ready for their arrival. Thank you for your understanding.


Wood burning stove
Please feel free to use the open fire/wood burner. There is tinder, kindling and logs to start you off and more can be bought. Please put £10 into the honesty pot for a box of wood; this money is used to help fund transport to the farm for those on lower incomes (ask us for more info).

In case you are not familiar with lighting wood burning stoves: place a handful of tinder at the bottom and stack some small pieces of kindling on top , light the tinder and let it burn, gradually stacking larger logs on top as you go. When you first shut the glass door, open the vent to its maximum, and as the fire gets going shut down the vent so that your logs burn at a steady heat for longer. Please keep the  door shut where possible, and warn children of the dangers. 

You may need to empty the dead ash the next day before lighting another fire. There is a spade provided to scoop the ash out and place it in the tin bucket provided (outside).

You are welcome to use the BBQ or Pizza oven If you would like some instruction please speak with George. Wood is charged at £10 per bag. 

Appendix: fire risk assessment form
[Insert copy of fire risk assessment form]