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Spelt Flour 1.5kg

Spelt Flour 1.5kg

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Bake with some local Wheatsheaf flour whilst you are staying at Rushmere Farm. Or take some locally grown flour home with you. Grown at Kate and Colin Bayliss's farm by David Miller.

The flour has a distinctive nutty, sweet flavour and aroma. Both the wholemeal and light spelt flour are multi-purpose flours. It has enough protein to produce a good rise in bread and it is also suitable for a wide range of cakes, biscuits and pastry.

Spelt is one of the earliest ancient, domesticated grains. Unlike modern wheat, spelt has not been cross bred, hybridized or chemically altered since 5000BC. It remains as simple and hardy as when it was first grown. 

At Wheatsheaf farming, they grow the spelt and de-hull it in-house. An independent, family run Oxfordshire mill then mills it into our white/light and wholegrain spelt flours.

Drop George a text to figure out a good time to drop off your flour, and get your ear chewed off about regenerative farming.


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